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You made it! I'm assuming because you are here you are looking for some additional help with fitness and nutrition coaching.  

All of the information below is completely FREE. The 1st Phorm App is Optional - but if you are looking for coaching with me, I will need you to download it so I can help you with macros, messaging me directly, daily tasks, check-ins, workouts and more. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or fill out my contact form.

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Join Team Laura on Facebook

In this awesome Facebook group you will find a community of support, recipe library and new recipes, accountability and just a lot of truly amazing human beings that know the struggle of reaching your goals while living your life! 

I highly encourage lots of involvement in this group, but keep it positive and helpful! No negativity here!

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Follow Me On Social Media

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I am constantly posting nutrition and workout advise, new supplements, apparel, and recipe ideas to my social media accounts. This will be the fastest way to find out about anything new going on in regards to challenges, free prizes and more! 


Want more help?

Download the 1st Phorm App ( $12.99 p/month) **REQUIRED FOR 1:1 COACHING**

In order to finish gaining access into the group, you will need to download the 1st Phorm App in step #1. Please make sure to follow the steps in the guide to set up the app correctly before you continue through the remaining steps. One of these steps is making sure I am your advisor in the app, otherwise I will not be able to help you. 


Make Sure I Am Your Advisor

Whether you are new to the app or switching to me.

Request me as your advisor by entering my code:

Once you have completed this step, please message me in the app so that I can finish getting you into our Facebook group,

Team Laura


Free Video Course

Please take some time to go through this short nutrition and fitness introduction course.
(It should take roughly 10-15 minutes.)

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Download my FREE App Starter Guide!

Make sure to download the guide below. This will have all the information that you will need to continue with the coaching process.

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