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What I wish I knew when starting my fitness journey

After being on my journey, having some experience, I wanted to share what I wish I would have known when I started.

First off, that you decided to start. Making changes and starting something new is kinda fun, kinda scary. Looking at it as your day one, you cant compare yourself to anyone else. It may be their day 205 or they may be 5 years into the process. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE.

Consistency is key! Things aren't going to change overnight. There are going to be days where its gonna suck.. Show up. Show up anyway. STAY CONSISTENT.

Keep it simple. Dont try to over complicate the process. The wheel is a wheel for a reason, it works. Overthinking and creating complicated plans just cause frustration and confusion. KEEP IT STUPID SIMPLE. Recovery is key! Lift the weights and recover! Weight lifting and protein will not make you bulky! What you do post workout is game changing for your results. After a workout you want to minimize soreness and maximize results. You have to do this by using a fast digesting protein. Replenish your energy and refuel by using a carbohydrate too. These two together are the miracle workers. Keep the soreness away so you're ready to do it again! Post workout is key!! Here is a link to my go-to for my post workout routine.

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